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Pi, Steak & Oral Day!

March 14th is amazing for many reasons! This is much more fun and less stressful than the commercial nightmare that is Valentines Day a month prior.

March 14th is unofficially Pi day. Starting with 3.1415 and going on literally forever, PI is an amazing number in so many ways. Hence, why all of the dorks celebrate it on 3/14.

Call it a silly holiday, the name is catchy not meant to be sexist, this is about inclusion, simplicity and fun. Valentine's Day is an over marketed, anticlimatic mess. All of the fun has been sucked out by Hallmark entities and corporate marketing teams. Whichever partner busted their ass for Valentine's Day deserves a treat. This is the day.

Step 1) A acquire a pie. Homemade is alsways best, this recipe is great, but any will do. You will be stopping at the store on the way home anyway, simplicity is key and everyone loves pie.

Step 2) The easiest dinner ever. Steak and salad, anyone can make it in a half hour, there is almost no cleanup and is nearly impossible to mess up. The Perfect Steak is easily in your reach. Or insert what ever simple protein you prefer, as long as it is quick and easy.

Step 3) Cook dinner & eat

Step 4) When your partner is finished, get on your knees under the table or on the couch and go to town. Be the best you can be and give head/oral/what ever you want to call it like a rock star. Don't ask for anything in return, just give, give, give and focus on them.

Step 5) Eat Pie

Repeat steps four and five as needed until the pie is gone or everyone is exhausted.

Have fun!

-Kink Things!

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