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Fuzzy Kink Things!

We are always on a quest for interesting things: textures, woods, leather, pretty much anything. When we came across these, it was obvious they needed to become kinky things.  

They are a limited collection of beautiful, hide on hair leathers in purple, black, brindle and tawny that are wonderfully supple and unique. Even the fabulous leather supplier didn't realize they had them or had seen anything like the purple.

Death to Smoochy ...

This is a fabulous hide on hair, purple leather flogger with some serious heft. Starting with an eight inch, hand carved Ambrosia Maple handle this bad boy has 48 (15.5" x 1") falls with with soft purple hair and a gorgeous underside. Finished with deep black leather cuff, this is amazing for sensation and impact play!

This Black Fuzzy Flogger is is unlike anything you have felt. With 34 (18" x 1") black, hair on hide, leather falls, the underside of the leather is almost as pretty. The eight inch hand carved Walnut handle brings the piece together and is finished with a teal leather cuff and silver tack. 

There are very limited number of these fun toys! We have above the tawny and brindle leathers uncut and available. If you would like a custom piece with these, drop us an email and let's have some fun!

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Have fun!

-Kink Things!

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