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What to Wear: Guys Edition

A follow-up to our earlier post on putting together the perfect party outfit. . Wanted the guys to have some love as well and look as hot as possible.


One of the few areas in life where those who present as female have it easier, hands down, is options for dressing for parties. Site upon site is dedicated to corsets, heels, stockings and all sort of fun dress up things where as guys are sort of left in the dark when entering the lifestyle. Fear no more. Here is a quick an dirty guide on the basics what to wear (especially at the last minute).

First and foremost, always make an effort. Women spend hours picking out lovely outfits, coiffing and wearing cute (usually painful heels) to be themselves and feel sexy. There is nothing more disappointing when half of the guys at a party put out the bare minimum or skipped the embracing the theme, choosing to rely only upon their animal magnetism... Many events, more so in larger cities, adhere to a strict dress code. More venues should do this as, short version, this creates an atmosphere of inclusivity, creativity, play and amps of the sexy factor.

Odds are you can put together a fetish outfit from your closet and a quick trip to the thrift store at the last minute. When you go to your first fetish or lifestyle parties you will see a variety of styles, from latex and leather on to whatever you can imagine. Don't let yourself be intimidated; Rome wasn't built in a day. Many of these looks take time, dedication and resources to develop. Always make sure everything you wear is clean, pressed (yes), and fits well and maybe a bit more form fitting than you normally wear. There is a time and place for your trusted summertime Nantucket Reds and a polo, this is not the place. Explore and play with what makes you feel hot.

Set aside your cargo pants, most jeans, khakis and such for tonight. What makes you feel hot? What is the dress code for the event? Well tailored slacks or form fitting, nice denims are always good. For shirts, go for a tighter fit (show off those biceps), play with colors you may normally not wear or a nice button down. Think about how shoes add to the look you creating for yourself - dress shoes or shit, kicking, leather boots? This should go without saying but no sneakers or sandals, wear socks and sexy underwear.

Accessories make an outfit; end of story. A basic outfit with a few accessories is a fetish outfit. Steampunk goggles & a vintage hat, lab coat and stethoscope, a vintage vest and ruler as a disciplinarian school teachers, a pair of handcuffs and a couple hanks of rope hanging low off your belt or a few floggers and you are set. Use your imagination!

If there is one thing you takeaway form this, in the immortal words of ZZ Top " 'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man." A well tailored suit, tux or uniform is hot, hot, hot. Always. Smothering and mysterious at the same time, you can't go wrong. 50 Shades of Grey, with its many, many faults, sold a shit ton of books for a reason. Paired with your partners outfit, a crisp shirt with cuff links, shined shoes and you are good to go.

In the same vein, kilts.They are sexy, popular, comfortable and the number of pockets makes me jealous.

Feel like going all in and expressing yourself? The sky is the limit. Latex, rubber, leather, vinyl, feathers, short shorts & fishnets, Gothic Fetish, GlamCyber, EroticKinky, DragSexy, Victorian, Dick in Box, or jeans and a simple rope harness (time to practice your self ties, check out youtube for ideas and instructions) Google, have fun and step out for a night, you never know where it may take you! Have fun!

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