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ISO the Perfect Party Outfit

Sometimes we will feature cross posts and new content from Bunny's Bungalow, part of the Kink Things team. Bunny is a sex positive, lifestyle blogger, focusing on Sexettiqute, sexy party planning and navigating the lifestyle with ease and maximum fun.

Much like the illustrious unicorn, the perfect outfit for a play party can be a never ending task.  Well, let's be honest it really is at least two outfits, multiple pairs of shoes and pile of underwear but we will get there.

Lifestyle parties can be a fashion show and an episode of "What Not to Wear" wrapped up into one.  I always love people watching and at hotel takeovers or cons, it is at it's finest.  The difference and collection of people is one of the things I love the most about  the lifestyle.  However, don't be a train wreck.

I am a huge proponent of positive body image: every body is sexy. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence but please make sure it is the right size. No one knows or cares the size of your dress and just cut out the tag if it bothers you that much. Especially with tight, clingy outfits they lay and look so much better when they fit. Wear a dress that makes you feel sexy and that you can walk around the room with out adjusting or feeling self conscious.  

You will develop a party wardrobe over time -Rome wasn't built in a day. A sexy LBD with heels is totally fine at most parties and may be the smartest thing for you to wear your first foray out. Consider it a reconnaissance mission to get ideas for future parties. From sexy dresses to corsets and latex, the options are literally limitless. Take some time do do reach online to find things that will make you feel sexy, allow you to express yourself while being comfortable.  

In general, proper stockings with a garter belt are a classic, sexy look.   Save yourself the trouble and get a good garter belt that doesn't roll and has quality clasps. There is nothing more in infuriating then spending half the night messing with your stockings that keep falling down. Put your stockings go before panties. Every ad shows them the non practical way and you will thank me when you go to the bathroom. Switch them when you play if you wish, depending on the panties, but trust me, especially if you are enjoying multiple cocktails.

Shoes are arguably the hardest and most important item for comfort.  I wear heels because they make me feel sexy, but they were designed to be an masochistic activity in general. Bring at least two pairs of shoes to any party: the sexy heels to make an entrance in and wear for an hour (or until your feet are killing you) and cute, comfortable ones for later.  For heels you can actually wear all night, look for shoes designed for strippers and dancers.  These sky high heels are designed to be worn for a long time and have a "launch pad" on the toe of the sole that makes walking easier.  I have a couple of pairs of cute, stupidly comfortable low heels that I change into later in the evening for comfort while still getting the benefit heels give to your ass.  Or put on a pair of flats - no one notices past the 11:00 magic hour.  

Panties and bras are a personal choice, but again figure out what looks good on you and covers the areas of your body that you are less comfortable with.  I hate thongs and they don't look good on me- there is no point even trying anymore.  Cute lace boy short panties however, make my ass far more smackable.  Many bras and lingerie are unfortunately designed to look cute but not be functional, especially if you are large chested (which is a challenge in and of itself).  Finding what works for you is a fun trial and error process.  

Bring at least one change of clothes and bag of essentials of freshen up.  After you play, odds are you will not want to put on what you were wearing earlier.  I generally change into something more comfortable, usually a more casual dress or a cute robe to hang out an socialize in.  This is also the time for flats if you haven't already.  

Experiment and have fun wearing things you have always imagines.  You will develop you own sense of party style and before you know it have a closet full of fun, sexy clothes.  Have fun!



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