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Welcome To Kink Things!

Kink Things is exactly that. Fun, artisan kinky things made of reclaimed and exotic woods, premium leathers and other fabulous things. We offer a full collection of toys from paddles and floggers to unique toys of our own design. Our mission is to help you have more fun. All of our products are handmade in our shop in North Carolina and treated with organic products when possible. Shop our full site here!

A quick tease of some of our favorites....


Starting with handles made from reclaimed and exotic woods, our floggers provide a range from light thuddy to eye burning, stingy. Made to order, we offer a variety of premium leathers. Custom colors can be ordered on request or shop our in stock collection. Our hand cut falls are available in 18" - 22" inch lengths and 1/4" - 3/4" in width.

Find Floggers!


A Kink Things original design- part thuddy and part, well, use your imagination.... Available in a variety of woods and finished with organic water proofing agents.

Tally Ho!

Thuddy Sticks

Stingy on one side, thuddy on the other and made from wonderful hard, reclaimed woods, these create a unforgettable sensation. As an aside, we are taking suggestions for a better name. Nothing seems quite right.

Thuddy Sticks

Dragon Tails

From the sound to the sting, our Dragon Tails are all sorts of fun. Made to order, tails are available in 20"- 42" lengths with a hand carved and finished wooden handle. All tails are finished with a leather cuff and decorative finishing tacks. Ouch!

Tempting Tails!

We are so excited! More coming soon and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for special offers and, as always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter! We will be vending at PUSH (August 17-19, Durham, NC) - come have fun and check out our toys!

Have Fun!!

-Kink Things

Disclaimer: All of our products are intended for sale and use between consenting adults. We are not responsible for what you do with them, as always, please always be respectful.

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