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Floggers 101

Floggers are a gateway toy into kink for good reason. They provide endless opportunities for sensation, impact and all combinations of play. Choosing the right flogger, from type of leather to balance can be a daunting task.

When shopping, floggers are generally listed online detailing materials, falls size and the number of falls.

Material - The softer and thicker the leather, the more thuddy a flogger will be be. Suede and softer, thicker leathers will produce a less intense, more relaxing, thuddy sensation. Thinner, finished leathers create a an intense, stingy sensation. Thick suedes, like this, are fantastic for sensual sensation play and back massages.

Fall Size - Falls are generally available in 18" - 22" lengths and 1/4" -1" in width. Shorter falls are wonderful for breast and genital play, while longer falls are great for all around floggers and traditional impact play. Very thin falls, such as 1/4", will be stingy. Trust us. Falls this narrow are generally made from thinner, harder leathers, not suede, and can leave a fun mark. This is a great example of a combination flogger - soft, thick falls on the outside and thinner, sharper falls on the inside.

Number of Falls - This varies greatly by manufacturer, type of flogger and materials. Quality, softer thuddier floggers will have fewer falls, around 35-40. This is due to the thinness of the leather in increased width of the falls. More intense, stingier floggers will have more, from 50 to over 80, and are made with thinner, less pliable leathers.

Handles & Balance - We wish more would think about this when selecting floggers. Handles need to be sized and balanced in relation to the falls length, weight and size. We have come across so many beautiful floggers with handles that were far too small to handle the falls, which makes us sad. Be sure to also take into account your style of play, flogging technique, physical limitations,and such.

A note on colors.... Have some fun! You may notice, we don't offer a lot of traditional black, leather floggers. Quite frankly, we are tired of so many black (and bight red) toys. With so many amazing colors and textures available, go nuts and make a statement.

If this is your first foray to the dark side, take sometime to educate yourself, this will pay exponential dividends later. When you receive your pretty new toy (which it will be if it is from us), take the time to get to know the piece, especially if you are newer to play. Every toy has its own feel and personality. As is true with most things in life- practice, practice, practice. When still learning the basics, practice on a throw pillow or the couch as you get the a feel for the piece and its balance. Not your partner. As with any type of play, consent and communication are paramount. This should go without saying, but yet is an ongoing problem.

Feeling inspired? Check out our collection of floggers here. Have an idea for toy you have been envisioning for years? Shoot us an email, we love making projects come to life and the process is always an adventure.

Have fun!

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