63" x 68" of tan leather blanket with a soft, light beige back. Squared off for easy storage. Great, heavy blanket for beds and playrooms!

Tan Leather Blanket

SKU: BL0010
    • 68" x 63" Tan leather blanket 
    • Light brown, soft back

    • Squared edges

    • Naturally weighted 

  • Please note, with Leather Blankets there may some variation of color across the whole blanket as these are natural variations in the leather. Blankets may also appear different colors, depending on the screen, hence why we include an extreme closeup of the front of the blanket. 

    We offer a lifetime guarantee on wood products. All we ask is that you send us the remains and how it happened so we know for the future. All leather products have a 30 day return policy, provided they are returned unblemished and in good condition.