We love anything reclaimed and interesting that can be turned kinky.  These are refurbished, vintage drop spindles from a loom in an old North Carolina fabric factory that can create a very intense, thuddy sting! 10" in length, 4" in diameter at the top, 1.5 ounces and ringed with metal. Get a second one for $5 more!  

Stingy Spindles

SKU: SS0001
  • - Reclaimed, refurbished vintage toy! 

    - 10" in length, 4" in diameter at the top

    - Super light weight - 1.5 ounces! 

    - Topped with metal - very stingy! 

  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on wood products. All we ask is that you send us the remains and how it happened so we know for the future. All leather products have a 30 day return policy, provided they are returned unblemished and in good condition.