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A unique collection of amazing, ergonomic, luxury toys.

We create beautiful, fun toys that accentuate the natural beauty of the materials and are ergonomic for all types of play. All of our toys are handcrafted using a variety of fine, luxury woods, leathers and other materials.  We create pieces that are truly unique, in impact, feel, and design for memorable play experiences. 

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F0038 Main.jpg


With hand carved wooden handles, a variety of luxury leathers and hides in a wide variety of colors and finishes, our floggers set them selves apart.  We offer a variety of handle types, woods and falls length and thickness. Please visit our shop for the myriad of options available or create your own custom piece.


Kink Things original designs that create an amazing mix of thuddy and stingy sensations all in a well balanced piece. We have never seen or felt anything like this before! Available in a variety of shapes, woods and finishes.

Thuddy Sicks.jpg
Blanket Group.jpg


The best blanket ever, like wrapping yourself up in an amazing leather hug! Perfect for aftercare, as a throw or blanket.


Available in a variety of lengths, all of our Dragon Tails and have hand carved, unique handles, luxury leather and can deliver a smack. A variety of lengths and colors are available to create a wonderful addition to your toy bag.

Paddles 1.jpg


Hand crafted from a variety of reclaimed, exotic and other other rare woods, our paddles range from light cedar paddles for a nice smack to hardwoods that will rattle your bones.


These little guys will surprise and delight you! Made from a variety of reclaimed and exotic woods, and less than 1/2 inch in thickness, finding all sorts of fun uses is easy as pie.

ES Close Up.jpg
Bat Products.jpg


Great for thuddy and stingy play and so easy to use!


Waterproof and washable, with the warmth and weight of antique hardwoods.

Wonderful for impact with a deep thud that can go right through the muscle layers

Hand carved from exotic and reclaimed woods and treated with organic, water proof stains, our Tallywackers create their own adventures. 

TW Group Feb 18.jpg
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